For those who like a little history…

The bagpipes are thought to be first traced back to pre-medieval times, possibly as far back as 1,300 BC.  Bagpipes have been documented as instruments of war since the 16th century and Strathendrick Pipe Band was founded in the 1940’s under the Pipemajorship of Tom MacLean.  The band was affiliated to ‘S’ Company of the Home Guard and during its early days was kitted out in the Black Watch tartan and army tunics and was subsequently swallowed up as an Army band.  

Following the end of the Second World War it returned again to being called Strathendrick Pipe Band Association with Tom MacLean again as Pipe Major. The tartan now worn by the band is the Ancient Maclean of Duart and the band is under the Pipemajorship of Colin Johnston.