Sanquhar Results

A successful day was had at the Sanquhar indoor full band competition today at Sanquhar Academy. We placed 1st in Grade 4A and 3rd in Grade 3. Our drummers were 2nd in both grades. It was a good couple of runs out with a few players competing for the first time.

1st Grade 4A
Grade 4B – March
1st Place: Greyfriars Pipes & Drums
2nd Place: Barrhead & District

Grade 4A- MSR
1st Place: Strathendrick Pipe Band Association
2nd Place: Kilbarchan (PP)
3rd Place: Penicuik & District
Confined Branch Winner – Troon Blackrock

Grade 3
1st Place: Ayr Pipe Band Society
2nd Place: Lower Clyde Pipes & Drums
3rd Place: Strathendrick Pipe Band Association

Grade 2:
1st Place: Lower Clyde Pipes & Drums

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